Top 4 Consumer-favourite products during Holi 2023

The festival of colours is around the corner again, and along it brings smiles and cheerful faces all over the country! Besides being the glistening array of merriment, Indian festivals induce an unapologetic splurge behavior in consumers all around the country. Analogous to most festivals, Holi encourages consumers to shop from all available platforms, whether the marketplace, a brick-and-mortar outlet, or an eCommerce website. And this might be just the best time for online-oriented platforms to expand and experiment with their business and product range.

Holi comes with loads of water balloons and colours splashing all over the place, so one needs to pack the products vigilantly to save them from any damage. While consumers during this time of the year are in the mood to celebrate – buy anything they like, few products sell better than others this time of year.

Let us glance at the top-selling products during Holi in 2023 that may fetch higher sales!

Organic Colours 

Colours are the preliminary choice for all. In addition, increased awareness about the toxic chemicals in synthetic Holi colours has people looking at alternatives. Consumers, nowadays, are also more concerned about the environment – therefore – selling natural colours will be a blessing for the business. The natural variants are eco-friendly, obtained from natural dyes, and sourced from flowers, wood, bark, and even the roots of various plants.

Beauty Products

The festival of Holi can be a tad harsh on our beauty regimen. The colours may harm the skin, sun and crude chemicals present in the colours (unless we use herbal colours) most likely damage the hair. In such cases, haircare and skincare products are an absolute must for all. Products such as herbal-extracted shampoos, hair oils, petroleum jelly, SPF lip balms, sunscreen, and cleansers will be in high demand before the arrival of the festival. And if you begin selling these products, you will observe an increasing number of sales.

Waterproof Devices

The world looks brighter when things are water-resistant and repellant. Who does not want to play music and use gizmos while there is a blizzard of water and colours? Waterproof gadgets are the go-to solution for it all. One can start selling products like waterproof mobile covers and cases, waterproof watches/fitness bands, Bluetooth speakers, GoPro cameras, waterproof camera pouches, waterproof earphones, etc. When the customer enjoys a hassle-free Holi, they will have you to thank for it!

Gift Baskets

Bestowing gifts on your dear ones during festivals has been a tradition as old as time. Showcasing an assortment of gift hampers around the festival time is never a miss! These delicacies can contain Gujiyas (a sweet made during Holi in Indian households), natural colours, dry fruits, biscuits, chocolates, etc. And to make sure the gift hampers curated are for people across all age groups.

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Wishing you a purple-color Holi!

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